The Town of Southampton is implementing a new bid program in order to improve the process and to make records more accessible to the public.

Even if you are currently registered with the Town, you will need to CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT in the new program.

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Archived Bids prior to 1/30/19 will remain available through our this site. Bids opened after February 2019 can be accessed through the new website by clicking on the link below.


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Opened Date Status Dept.
2014 Equipment & Installation of Equipment for Boston Whaler 04/30/2014 Archived Police
2014 Liquid Caustic Soda Second Notice 02/26/2014 Archived Water District
2014 Mobile Concessions at Mecox Beach 04/16/2014 Archived Parks & Recreation
2014 Repair & Install Sidewalks 12/17/2014 Archived Highway
2014 Request for Proposals for Feasibility Study and Concept Plan for Pedestrian Bridge in Riverside 05/07/2014 Archived Waste Management
2014 RFP for Landscape Design and Architectural Engineering Services Good Ground Park 03/05/2014 Archived Land Management
2014 RFP Technical and Planning Assistance in Development Unimproved Roads (Second Notice) 01/14/2015 Archived Engineering
2014 Tree and Stump Removal 04/30/2014 Archived Highway
2015 Bid for Flanders, Riverside, Northampton Refuse Garbage District 03/11/2015 Rejected Engineering
2015 Disposal and Recycling of Services for Comingled Containers and Unprocessed Construction and Demo Debris 12/23/2015 Rejected Engineering
2015 Good Ground Park Phase One 07/29/2015 Rejected Engineering
2015 Good Ground Park Phase One - Second Notice 10/14/2015 Archived Engineering
2015 HVAC Replacment at Southampton Town Animal Shelter 08/05/2015 Archived Facilities
2015 Outdoor Court Repair & Recoloring (2nd Notice) 08/05/2015 Archived Parks & Recreation
2015 Request for Proposals for Community Microgrid Feasibility Study 07/22/2015 Archived Land Management
2015 Request for Proposals for Preparation of Pre-Demolition Asbestos Survey 08/05/2015 Archived Community Preservation
2015 Request for Proposals for Professional Services Relating to Lifting of Tupper Boat House 08/26/2015 Archived Engineering
2015 Restoration of Canoe Place Chapel 08/12/2015 Archived Community Preservation
2015 Restoration of Nathaniel Rogers House Phase 2A 09/09/2015 Archived Community Preservation
2015 RFP for Design Services Associated with Partial Demolition and Rehabilitation of Old Ponquogue Bridge/Piers 09/09/2015 Archived Engineering
2015 Sale of Surplus Vacant Waterfront Lot Located at 152 Sand Dune Court in Village of Sagaponack 12/16/2015 Archived Town Attorney
2015 Spray Foam Insulation of Bay Constable Building 03/04/2015 Archived Public Works
2016 Acceptance of Town of Southampton North Sea Landfill Leachate Waste Water 02/17/2016 Archived Waste Management
2016 Cleaning Services for Town Offices 12/16/2015 Rejected Facilities
2016 Demolition at 433 Riverleigh Avenue, Riverside 03/30/2016 Rejected Fire Marshal