The Town of Southampton is implementing a new bid program in order to improve the process and to make records more accessible to the public.

Even if you are currently registered with the Town, you will need to CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT in the new program.

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Archived Bids prior to 1/30/19 will remain available through our this site. Bids opened after February 2019 can be accessed through the new website by clicking on the link below.


2018 River Avenue Culvert Replacement


Bid Public Date: 10/18/2018 Bid Due Date: 11/07/2018 2:00 PM
Bid Process Status: Archived Department: Highway
Notice Resolution: 2018-966    
Award Resolution: 2018-1170    



Deposit Amount: $0.00 2018 Notice to Bidders River Avenue Culvert Replacement
Addendum # 1
Addendum # 2
Addendum # 3
Prevailing Wage Schedule Article 8
River Avenue Culvert Replacement - Results
Bid Bond: Yes
Insurance: Yes
Non Collusion: Yes
Prevailing Wage: 2018012009


Each bidder must provide with its bid a certified check equal to five (5) percent of his/her total bid payable to the order of the Town of Southampton, or a bond with sufficient sureties, acceptable to the Town of Southampton, in the sum of five (5) percent of the bid. All checks or bonds shall be returned except to the successful bidder, whose security shall be held until contract security is provided, according to the requirements set firth in the bid package.


Bidders interested in this project are REQUIRED to visit, (home page), go to Govt. & Research, Public Work, Overview, Left side of page-prevailing wage schedules & updates, access Previously Requested Schedule, Wage Rate Schedule Online, then enter the PRC# 2018012009 to view the original prevailing wage schedule. Employees under this title must be paid the wage rate(s) indicated on this schedule. The winning vendor(s) will be provided an original wage schedule with their contract.